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Don’t Be Quick To Click

November 15, 2020

It’s probably not extreme to say that most people do some type of business on the internet these days.  Maybe it’s paying your bills online, shopping on Amazon, or online banking.  Whatever the case may be, the need to be diligent in protecting your private and personal information is more important than ever. 

The primary reason is that scammers have become quite adept at making fake accounts appear to be authentic. Sometimes, they may even include the business logo so, at quick glance, the message appears to be legitimate.  The typical email or text states  that there is an issue with your  account and you should click on the link provided to “manage your account”.  The hacker’s intent is that you will innocently hand over your private information, which in turn, will be used to hack into your account or provide an avenue for them to install malware onto your device. 

If you receive such an email, you should open a new tab on your browser and go directly to your account on that website.  Another action you could take is to  simply call the company directly to make sure the email was, indeed, a fake and your information is safe.    Unfortunately, these scams are becoming increasingly more frequent.  One of the best things we can do to ensure the security of our personal information, is to be wise when receiving  messages asking us to click on any link provided.  We need to be diligent to check out the source of the message before responding.  Doing business online certainly makes our lives easier, provided we think before we act.