Digital Citizenship for Greek Life

Protect your Reputation – Educate your members

Greek life doesn’t just take place on campus. These days, a lot of what happens takes place online – whether you intend for it to or not.  And so what your members do online can have lasting consequences for them and your chapter. That’s why it is so important to educate them on how to be smart and stay safe in the digital world. That’s exactly what Neptune Navigate for Greek Life does.

Why Neptune Navigate for Greek Life?

If you Google “Fraternity/Sorority In Trouble Over Social Media”, you will get millions of results – literally. But it’s not just your chapter’s reputation you need to think about, it is also the safety and security of your members. All too often we see sorority and fraternity members targeted by trolls and stalkers.

That’s why it is so important to invest in educating your members on how to be responsible digital citizens online, for their own protection as well as your chapter’s reputation. That’s what Neptune Navigate for Greek Life does. 

A Turnkey Solution for Fraternities and Sororities

Neptune Navigate for Greek Life is designed to be completed entirely online, via link to our secure website that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device. So your members can complete the 4 lessons wherever they prefer. 

The cornerstone of each training module is a 10-minute highly engaging and informative video. These videos include current, real life examples that bring the topic to life and emphasize its importance, along with practical advice and tips for your members to use.

At the conclusion of each video, there is a short series of knowledge checks to reinforce key messages. 

When a member completes all four lessons, they will receive a certificate of completion as proof that they have, in fact, completed the coursework.

With our Digital Dashboard, you can quickly and easily keep track of member participation and completion rates.

You can see a preview of the training modules by clicking the button below. 

Digital Citizenship Topics that Protect your Reputation and help keep members safe

These are the four topics covered in the Neptune Navigate for Greek Life lessons:

Responsible Digital Citizenship – Fraternity and sorority members are in the public eye. They are college/university leaders as well as representatives of your local chapter. Knowing how to behave like a leader when online is just as important as behaving like a leader on campus.

Managing Your Digital Reputation – What your members do and post now will follow them for life – literally. Actively managing their digital footprint in order to maintain a positive online reputation can make a big difference in determining future opportunities.

Online Safety & Security – Being in the public eye can invite unwanted attention. Knowing how to set boundaries and keep private information secure is critical in the digital world.

Cyberbullying – Cyberbullying has become a digital epidemic. As leaders, sorority and fraternity members can model proper behavior and help put a stop to cyberbullying.


Once your local chapter subscribes to Neptune Navigate for Greek Life, rostering your members is fast and easy. As our partner success managers can explain, members can self-roster, or you can upload a spreadsheet with names and email addresses. After that, they will have access to all four courses to be completed in the time frame you decide. Upon completion of all four courses, they will receive a certificate of completion. Whoever you designate as an administrator for your chapter will be able to track progress and completion rates by member directly from our Digital Dashboard. 

Social Media Posts

As an added bonus, you will receive social media posts that can be used to reinforce key digital citizenship messages to your chapter members on an ongoing basis, so that the important lessons they learn stay top-of-mind.

Ready to Learn More?

The annual subscription price for Neptune Navigate for Greek Life is only $600 per local chapter. For national organizations, we are happy to provide a custom quote.  Access to all digital citizenship courses will be available for one year after your purchase date.

Click the button below to schedule a call with one of our product representatives and learn how fast and easy it is to start educating your members how to be smart and stay safe in the digital world, today!