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Internet Training Wheels – What You Need To Know About Parental  Restrictions

September 15, 2020

How to Set Parental Control on iPhone and iPad (iOS 11) 

Google Family Link Parental Controls

How to Use Android Parental Controls  

When your child was learning how to ride a bike, you didn’t start them out on a 10-speed!  You started them off small, like a tricycle, and moved them up as they mastered necessary skills.  We need to take the same approach in the digital world. Whatever age you choose to give your child a smartphone, it should come with training wheels. By training wheels, I mean a phone that has Parental Restrictions activated.  Both Apple and Google offer tools that allow you to have some control over the devices you give your children.  Restrictions allow you to turn off certain services, and block inappropriate content for your child. Giving your child a smartphone without parental controls is just as unsafe as giving your 5 year old a 10-speed bike and saying “have fun!”