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For years, Proactive Coaching has been helping high schools and colleges develop their next generation of student leaders in the fields of athletics and activities. Now, founder Bruce Brown and partner, Rob Miller are partnering with Neptune Navigate to create a comprehensive set of online training modules for your student leaders – both current and future! Check out the video to learn more.

Navigate Proactive Leadership draws on the same core content that Proactive Coaching has used to train more than 1.5 million students at in-person events, but now in an easy-to-access online series of modules. This training is specifically designed for a select group of current or potential student leaders from athletics, activities, or other student groups. The focus is on equipping and empowering these students to become effective and impactful team leaders.

All too often we hear “We don’t have any leaders aNymore”, but the real question is: “what are you doing to create them?”

What We Cover

The Navigate Proactive Leadership Core Program uses a combination of video presentations and group exercises to instill the leadership principles of BE FIRST AND BE LAST.

Be the first to SERVE and be the last to be served

Be the first to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and the last to violate team standards

Be the first to be a LIFELINE OF COMMUNICATION between coaches and team and be the last to withhold information

Be the first to PRAISE OTHERS and be the last to brag or draw attention to yourself

Be the first to PROTECT AND DEFEND and be the last to criticize

Be the first to CONFRONT VIOLATIONS OF TEAM STANDARDS, and be the last to ignore problems

Be the first to ENCOURAGE and be the last to become discouraged

How It Works


The first lesson covers an Overview of Leadership. Each subsequent lesson focuses on one of the seven Be First and Be Last principles. The lessons can be accessed online via our secure website for projecting onto a screen.

Video Presentations

Within the lesson, there are a series of short video presentations around 5-10 minutes each.  Each video focuses on a particular characteristic of leadership.

Group Activity + Self-Reflection

Between each video, there are numerous group activities, including group discussions and role-play exercises. At the conclusion of the lesson, there are individual activities that provide participants with the opportunity for self-reflection as well as to identify areas of self-development.

Certificate of Completion

At the conclusion of all eight lessons, student leaders will have the
opportunity to download a certificate of completion as a record of having completed formal leadership training.

Advanced Navigate Proactive Leadership Program

Beginning in the 2024-25 school year, an optional year two advanced leadership training program will be available for selected student leaders who have completed the core program.  Although the specifics of the program are still being designed, it will cover topics like:

Why Teams Win

Leadership Styles

Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

Positional Power vs. Personal Power

Sharing Leadership

Proactive Leadership Advisory Team

Bruce Brown and Rob Miller have been providing in-person training at high schools and colleges all around the country for over 25 years.

As a subscriber to Navigate Proactive Leadership, you will have access to Bruce and Rob to help address any uniques situations you have, via your online account page.

What Others Have to Say about proactive coaching

“Bruce Brown and Rob Miller with Proactive Coaching are absolutely the gold standard in their field. Their knowledge of coaching, experience at virtually every level, and the way that they present their information are second to none. If you are looking to improve your athletic team or program they should be the first ones to call. They truly care about the teams they work with and are always checking to see how their teams are doing and what else they can help with. Their number one goal for any team they work with is to give those teams and coaches the skills they need to be successful. They will go out of their way to make that happen. Their philosophies are everything that is good about sports and the benefit they can be to young athletes and programs. The skills that they teach to the teams they work with are highly effective, positive, and repeatable. This is especially true of their ‘7 Ways To Lead Your Team’ program. It gives athletes and coaches things that they can immediately implement into their programs that will make a difference on the very first day. It also provides a sustainable framework for establishing a positive culture within the program. Bruce, Rob and Proactive Coaching are the real deal you will not regret partnering with them to improve your programs.”

Clay S. Chournos
Athletic Director/Assistant Principal
Bear River High School

“I am beyond appreciative for Pro Active Coaching and Rob Miller as I have had the opportunity to bring Rob in for the last 8 years. We welcome him to our team every year and host leadership workshops for other teams to attend each Fall as well. It is evident that their passion to guide student athletes, teams, and coaches to create a culture where teamwork, accountability & leading by example can establish an environment where athletes & teams can succeed. They deliver the most precise yet critical workshops to cater to what your team may need for that season. As a Coach I have noticed a difference with our team culture each year and I enjoy seeing them strive to achieve their goals and leave a legacy for our future teams.”

Cyndi Vaughn
Kingwood Park High School Dance Team
Texas Dance Educator Association Past President

“Our ongoing relationship with Proactive Coaching has provided us with a common language and belief system that puts everyone in our programs on the same page, from players to coaches to parents to teachers to administrators! The life lessons provided by Proactive Coaching reach across all boundaries and generations! It is terrific to hear our parents and students discussing many of the principles provided during our sessions! Proactive Coaching has become a very valuable part of our school culture!”

Alfie Lotrich
Superintendent of Schools/Elementary Principal
Fowler School District R4J
Member, CHSAA Board of Directors, Region 9

Our Content Team

Bruce Brown

Bruce is currently a Clinician – speaking to thousands of athletes, coaches, parents, school districts, and corporations on the national stage. He has 35 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and athletic administrator at the junior high, high school, junior college, and collegiate level. Bruce is a former national presenter for the NAIA’s Champions of Character Program and has taken his love for coaching and athletics and applied that to Proactive Coaching’s goal – to encourage athletes and coaches across the country to lead with excellence and significance.

Rob Miller

Rob uses his speaking skills and knowledge of coaching and athletics to work with coaches across the country in order to positively impact their athletes’ lives. Rob’s experience as a college coach and administrator for many years gives him an
unparalleled view at the status of modern-day coaching and parenting.

Christina Jontra

Christina Jontra is a lifelong educator and learner who is a sought-after speaker and guide on the topic of Digital Citizenship. Christina has a degree in Secondary Education and taught both High School and Junior High School English for many years. Christina’s up close involvement with digital technology and with children, both as a teacher and a mother, led her to begin in-depth research into all aspects of what is now referred to as “Digital Citizenship”. Her ability to communicate the importance of this topic and to inspire specific actions across all age groups has made her a much sought after presenter. 


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