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Social Media Being Put To A Good Use

November 15, 2020

It seems that you can’t turn on the tv, radio, or any social media these days without hearing something negative or depressing.  And the COVID-19 pandemic certainly hasn’t done much to help our outlook.  In fact, as we were forced to stay isolated, in many cases, tensions began to rise and attitudes began to fall.  Many people became so focused on themselves, they didn’t really think about those around them.  

But a small  business owner in Asbury Park, New Jersey, decided enough was enough. Kimmee Masi, the owner of Confections of a Rock$tar, took it upon herself to make a change.  Although she was able to reopen her bakery, business has still been less than stellar.  She knew that she wasn’t the only one in her area affected, so she decided to do something positive to help out her community by shining light on the neighbors in her area. Ms. Masi took to Instagram and began a video series called, “What’s Up AP” to draw attention to  other small businesses around her  in Asbury Park.  She walks around to the various businesses and spotlights them in her video, allowing them to tell their story and get some exposure on social media.  “It’s a feel-good kind of thing,” says Masi. 

The feeling  is so positive, that she doesn’t even care if the exposure means a few extra customers for her competitors and neighbors.  It’s worth it to her. As Masi says, “Because if they can stay alive, then so can we.  And it’s a matter of helping each other.”  Not only that, but her efforts are helping to create a sense of community among business owners.  By putting herself aside and focusing on others around her, Kimmee Masi is a shining example of what it looks like to truly “build community.”  And THAT is some good news we can all use.