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The Big Data Show – Making Learning About Online Safety Fun

February 15, 2021

With people spending more time online than ever before, the urgency of internet safety and digital citizenship has greatly increased.  As Kate Forbes, Scottish Government Finance Secretary, states, ‘Digital technology has never played a bigger role in our lives, and never has it been more important to be aware of the risks from cyber space.” 

And the writers and producers at The Civic Digits Theatre Company in Edinburgh, Scotland are not only helping their fellow citizens to be aware of the dangers and  risks, but they are doing it in a fun, creative way.  Originally designed for live performances, The Big Data Show is an interactive adventure that incorporates theatre and gaming to help participants learn how to be safe and social online. 

Due to Covid-19, The Big Data Show has been forced to cancel live performances, but instead has morphed into something different that  may be even better.   Writers Clare Duffy and Rupert Goodwins, have created two ethical hackers who take students on a virtual journey telling the story of Rupert Goodwins.  Goodwins is actually one of the hackers who famously hacked into Prince Philip’s email back in the 1980’s. 

By using a mixture  of “digital magic, educational tricks, and eye-opening truths about living in the digital age”, participants embark on an exciting  virtual journey through the use of the new Super Swipe app and The Big Data Showwebsite.   Not only is the experience educational and fun, but hopefully teaches and encourages participants to be better digital citizens in the future.