Digital Citizenship for SCHOOLS: Be smart and stay safe in the online world

We provide comprehensive online lessons that teach students and staff how to be smart and stay safe in the digital world. Click the button below for a quick overview of what Navigate for Schools is all about.

In the digital world

NOTHING is ever really PRIVATE


Every day there is another story about a student losing a scholarship, an athlete being suspended, or someone losing their job because of something they did online – in some cases, years ago.

And as the FBI recently reported, online predators are having a field day with so many kids and teens switching to online learning.

By teaching children early – and reminding teens and adults consistently – how to behave responsibly online, you can help keep them safer in the digital world. That’s what our Digital Citizenship lessons do.

Our Digital Citizenship Program IS

designed to give you peace of mind

Our Digital Citizenship Philosophy

Christina Jontra, our Chief Navigator, is a lifelong educator and learner who is a sought-after speaker and guide on the topic of Digital Citizenship. She has the incredible ability to communicate the importance of this topic and to inspire actions across all age groups. She took her passion for Digital Citizenship and used it to launch Neptune Navigate. Christina is assisted by content creators, graphic artists, and videographers who work together to bring you engaging and interactive lessons with real-world applications.

“All this technology that most of us carry in our pockets can be really exciting and incredibly powerful. But as we learned from superheroes, with great power comes great responsibility” – Christina Jontra, Chief Navigator 

Our Digital Citizenship LESSONS

Highly engaging and informative videos with real-world examples and specific action items
Review key messages and check for comprehension.
Select products also include a formal quiz with pass/fail reporting.

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